The battle between Epic Games and Apple over the 30% cut that Apple receives per iOS transactions made headlines when they pulled Fortnite off the Apple Store, costing Epic millions of daily p(l)ayers.

Now that the ‘battle’ between the two giants is in court, details are beginning to come to light. The most interesting detail regarding the whole situation? iOS only represented a total of 7% of all revenue for Fortnite from March 2018 to July 2020.

Who was #1? PlayStation counted for almost 50% at a whopping 46.8%! Xbox was second at 27.5%. Android, Nintendo, and PCs counted for 18.7%. iOS came in fifth, yet Epic chose to start a war with them over their cut.

This helps makes things clearer as to why Sony invested $450 million into Epic Games. They were literally giving them back their 30% of the Fortnite microtransactions. And people have the nerve to say Sony is anticonsumer. SHAME.

Either way, it appears that Epic truly doesn’t need revenue or players that iOS accounted for, as long as they have the consoles to help keep them floating.

With the way that Sony and Epic have been buddy-buddy the past few years, it wouldn’t shock me if Sony invested another round in the North Carolina based company.