Sony went big last-gen with their PlayStation Exclusives. New IPs. Sequels. VR titles. Reboots. External dev teams putting their own twist on PlayStation series. They invested heavily in PlayStation Studios.

It has clearly paid off for them, as they’ve dominated the 2020 Award ceremonies thanks to their PlayStation Studios’ software. It also rewarded them with finicial success. Out of the 338.9 million PS4 & PS5 games sold in FY2020, 17% were PlayStation exclusives.

Sure, this most likely can’t hold a candle to say, Nintendo, but the age old saying is you buy Nintendo devices for their games. Sony has had the stigma that you bought a PlayStation for your favorite 3rd-party games then enjoyed their exclusives.

What’s even more insane is that Sony anticipates that PlayStation exclusives will account for even more of the pie in FY2021.

We don’t know exactly what all Sony has planned for the rest of this year but they better be ready if they plan on surpassing 2020.