If you’ve been a PlayStation owner the past two weeks, you benefited thanks to the marketing deal between Sony and Capcom for Resident Evil Village.

Playstation fans received early access to two different REV demos. One that focused on the Village and one that focused on Castle Dimitrescu. Each demo was limited to 30-minutes of gameplay during an 8-hour window you had to play it.

Come May 1st, the demo is going multiplatform so that even more gamers can experience Resident Evil Village before it releases on May 14th. There was still one problem. While the demo time limit was extended to an hour of gameplay, you only had 24-hours to play it.

Thankfully, thanks to fan feedback, you’ll have a WEEK to play the extended final demo! Here’s the new timeline for this highly anticipated demo:

Shocker: the demo looks and plays fantastically. Be hyped. While we wait until the full game releases, don’t forget to download the free PSN avatars. OR if you’re buying the game, do so at Best Buy to receive that gnarly free SteelBook case!