Crystal Dynamics confirmed the news that apparently everyone wanted to hear: MCU Skins are coming to Marvel’s Avengers are coming to Marvel’s Avengers once the Black Widow movie tie-in arrives this Spring.

Now, somehow, they’ve leaked online along with many more skins that we’ve managed to well, assemble in one place.

Tell us what you think, Brah! In my true believer opinion, that MCU Cap is sick. Look at the texture on his chest armor! That is one for sure that I will be adding to my closet of skins.

Enjoy these Marvel Cinematic Universe skins, Brah!

Captain America – Avengers Endgame skin:

Hawkeye – Ronin – Avengers Endgame skin:

Hulk – Avengers Endgame skin:

Black Widow – Avengers Endgame skin:

Here’s even more skins that have leaked, non-MCU related!

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