There’s no doubt about it, Returnal by Housemarque is easily their most beautiful game yet, as they’ve harnessed the power of the PS5 to be bring us even more greatness in their latest project for PlayStation.

IGN India noticed that a Returnal trailer briefly mentioned the game would feature 4K/60fpg along with ray-tracing but couldn’t officially confirm it.

Now it has been confirmed thanks to an official post on, dynamic 4K/60fps with ray-traced lighting is happening!

By leveraging PS5’s ray-tracing hardware, we are able to deliver high-quality lighting in real time. Our global illumination system uniquely adapts to the randomized placement of the world, while neon-lit projectiles create that arcade, fever-dream feel our team is known for.

Also, if you’ve already pre-ordered the game through the PlayStation Store you can now pre-load Returnal! Make sure that you have a nice chunk of free space because it’s coming in at 56.101GB.

I had my doubts regarding Returnal however the recent hands-on previews have completely changed my tune. Can’t wait until the game releases on April 30th!