Sony Interactive Entertainment used their mighty stable of PlayStation Studios to strong-arm the competition last-gen, as they dominated with a vast library of PS4 exclusives.

It took Microsoft most of the generation to respond but they went above and beyond in doing so. Their purchase of Zenimax/Bethesda sent shockwaves through the industry. They didn’t buy game studios, they bought entire genres of gaming. I mean, they pretty much own the FPS and western RPG genres thanks to that billion dollar investment.

Gamers want to know how Sony plans to retaliate. Can they? Sure, Sony is worth billions but Microsoft is reportedly with a Trillion. That, however, doesn’t seem to bother Sony Interactive Entertainment President & CEO Jim Ryan.

In an interview with Nikkei (and translated by VGC), Jim states that the PS5 generation will have more exclusives than any PlayStation generation before it!

We have been quietly but steadily investing in high-quality games for PlayStation, and we will make sure that the PS5 generation will have more dedicated software than ever before.

What about potential new dev teams joining the PlayStation Studios roster?

We have repeatedly engaged in mergers and acquisitions, including Insomniac Games in the US. We will not rule out that option in the future.

We know of several exclusives coming our way but what’s next for the PlayStation Nation? I’m going to recommend taking a patience pill or two, because the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t doing any devs favors when it comes to development times.

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