As we get closer to May 25th, the release day of Biomutant, I get more and more excited. The hype grew this morning when they revealed a new World Trailer.

Everything you hear and see in this trailer was captured in game: the music, the footage, everything. No artificial flavoring of any kind. Why is there no action? Because we covered that in the Combat Trailer, go check it out. It’s pretty good, too! And why is it so… quiet… and positive? Because there are too many fast-paced, dark and gritty trailers in this world anyway. We are pretty upbeat people and Biomutant is a colorful game. So zip it and enjoy.

THQ Nordic YouTube

I don’t know about you but I freaking loved this trailer! I swear, just when I think I can’t get more hyped for this game, they reveal just a tad bit more to get my blood pumping. I’ve seen nothing so far that I do not like about this game!

This, along with Returnal, are the video games I’m looking forward to the most.

Now let’s just hope this is not like Outriders and isn’t online only and let’s hope it has a better opening weekend (and let’s also hope it eventually gets a Next Gen Update)!