There has been all kinds of ruckus regarding Bioware’s decision to alter some scenes in the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition that feature Miranda’s mighty heart that fans have adored since she debuted in Mass Effect 2.

Well get ready to take pix of whatever the hell you want across all three Mass Effect games because a photo mode has been confirmed for the Legendary Edition!

Miranda’s ass! Shepherd’s ass!! Garrus’s ass!! A Reaper’s ass! They have an ass, right? Maybe? Who cares! With the Photo Mode, YOU’RE THE CAPTAIN NOW! Just don’t abuse that power. There’s still 3 full games with all the DLC to enjoy. Can’t wait!

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition arrives on May 14th. Are you ready to experience Shephard’s epic journey once again? Remember if you pre-order through Best Buy you get a free SteelBook case that even the Shadow Broker would be jealous of!