The PlayStation Blog has been showing off Returnal for a few weeks now. This week they are back, along with a trailer, showcasing and talking about the unique enemies of the game.

The planet of Atropos is a dark and mysterious place, and each environment will provide its own unique set of enemies to overcome: from the organic and parasitic creatures inhabiting the Overgrown Ruins, to the cosmic or corrupted entities roaming the sands of the Crimson Wastes, and the mechanical automatons that endlessly patrol the haunting Derelict Citadel… Players will encounter a large variety of different foes, which aside from their unique aesthetics will also provide their own unique gameplay flavor and special attacks.

Harry Krueger

Harry Krueger, the Creative Director for Housemarque (and let’s be real, that’s an awesome name) talks about some of the influences in the enemy design. The biggest source of inspiration was bioluminescent deep-sea creatures.

In many ways they felt like the most alien lifeforms one could find here on Earth. There is something inherently unsettling and foreign about the deep-sea as an environment for us. The way these creatures move deep underwater, with their long tentacles and bioluminescent highlights, can often appear majestic, beautiful and downright terrifying. It’s also not uncommon for these creatures to use their luminous beauty to allure or distract their prey (for example, with a dazzling display of bioluminescence), and suddenly strike when their prey is least expecting it. This combination of chaotic beauty and nightmarish aggression was something we aimed to capture with our organic creatures’ aesthetic.

Harry Krueger

I can see the influence. It kind of reminds me of John Carpenter’s The Thing but taking place in the deep depths of the ocean. I really dig these designs. My personal favorite is The Gorgolith. Definite The Thing vibes there.

Harry goes into further details about the designs, unique personalities, and the gameplay with looking for clues to avoid enemy strikes and using the environment to your advantage that you can read for yourself on the PlayStation Blog.

The more I see of this game the more I excited I get. It looks great. It sounds great. I think we might be in for a nice treat! Check out Returnal April 30th.