Last week we covered some of the new Enhancement Details for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. This week, EA has gone into even further technical details on the visual upgrades of the game.

Our goal from the onset was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy that have become so iconic and genre-defining over the past decade. A remaster rather than remake allowed us to build upon the original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase in a normal development cycle, while also being able to utilize the advantages of much more modern hardware and software. 

I’m not going to cover all the details as it gets very technical but you can head over to the EA Blog to read the full details. In short, expect a lot. Some upgrades include subsurface scattering, ambient occlusion, depth of field, bloom, volumetrics and fog, tone mapping, 4K base assets, over thirty thousand individual textures, increasing the sense of realism, improving skin, hair, and eye shaders, new environmental particle effects, improved cinematics, upgrades to shadows adding natural bounce lighting, real time reflections, and so much more!

We here at the Brahs are ready to get our hands onto this edition and get sucked into the universe again!

Check out the video below for a Remastered Comparison Trailer!