Even though Days Gone might have been rough out the game, receiving mixed feelings from critics, it ended up being financially successful for PlayStation.

However it seems selling millions of copies and an upcoming PC port wasn’t enough as according to Bloomberg, Sony ultimately denied a pitch for a sequel in 2019. Instead, half the team was pushed to helping Naughty Dog finish the The Last of Us Factions multiplayer and the other half to working on a new Uncharted game.

Bloomberg reported that Bend Studio was not happy about this decision, as it resulted in higher ups at Bend such as John Garvin and Jeff Ross leaving the company.

While Days Gone might not be a perfect game by any means, it was definitely deserving of a sequel. Bend Studio updated the game constantly with new and unique challenges, plus many patches that improved the quality of the game.

So what’s Bend working on now? Bloomberg says work has started on their own new, next-gen IP that they started on last month after being taken off Uncharted project by request.

When will we finally see Factions? This new project from Bend Studio? What will ever come of Deacon St. John and Sarah?!