Star Wars Republic Commando released exclusively on the original Xbox in 2005, quickly becoming a fan-favorite game.

Moving along to 2021, Aspyr Media has ported it to the PS4, PS5 (BC), and Nintendo Switch today with a surprise update for us PlayStation owners.

For those of us who own the PS4 Pro or PS5, you’re in for a bonus once Update 1.01 is installed. A bump in resolution to 1440p on the Pro and 4K on the PS5 for Star Wars Republic Commando.

Here’s the official patch notes:

  • Supported up to 4K rendering resolution on PlayStation 5.
  • Supported up to 1440p rendering resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro.
  • Optimized rendering shaders.
  • Improved audio quality.
  • Updated controller’s vibration settings.
  • Reduced controller’s dead zone size.
  • Minor bug fixes and quality of life changes.

If you’ve never played the game before, this might be your chance to DEW IT and help enslave save the galaxy!

Enjoy this launch trailer before we Order 66 yo’ ass.