To clarify, Guerrilla Games posted this trailer in November. Well, PlayStation France posted it to their YouTube channel yesterday. This Brah thought it was ‘new’ until he did some research this morning. We originally missed it so I’m going to post it anyway. Deal with it?

Sony making Horizon Zero Dawn part of the Play At Home program starting April 19th is a damn good sign that Horizon Forbidden West is still on schedule for 2021.

For those of us who have played HZD, the slip drip of Horizon Forbidden West information has been painful but hey! We have a new (short!) trailer of Aloy herself, Ashly Burch, talking about reprising her role as the badass heroine of the Horizon series.

Also, if you don’t mind reading then you should definitely give Titan Comics’ Horizon Zero Dawn a try. You can get all 5 issues in a proper trade for $14.99 on Amazon! It even introduces some of the new machines that you’ll be going up against in HWF.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently scheduled for late 2021. Way the recent wave of delays this year, let’s hope it stays in 2021!