What if you spent all the nights wondering what you were meant to do, what you were meant to be in life without an answer? Would you still keep asking the same question or would you try and seek out the answer in a different way? But on that farm, the Whit Anderson’s farm, Whit’s destiny is about to change the day that sinkhole opened up as Casey, the Golden Retriever of the farm, gets a little too close. Without hesitation Whit goes into the darkness into something that cannot just be told by words, but has to be seen to be believed.

Features include:

  • Emotional story
  • Narrative adventure
  • Make choices that will make an impact
  • Changes to the environment based on memories and imagination

What will Whit discover? What will be held in the imagination? Will there be a way back home? Find out when Where the Heart Leads comes to PlayStation 4 on in both digital and physical edition via the Perp Game Store on July 13, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…