Is it…is it finally happening? Green Hell is coming to console June of 2021! Yes that is correct, Green Hell is coming to PlayStation and Xbox in June of this year. While this isn’t an exact date at least we can cross our fingers and hope it does not get delayed any longer.

After the weird and somewhat shocking release on Nintendo Switch, some have grown a little tired of waiting on the game. I for one couldn’t wait so I picked it up on the Switch. While it gave me a taste of what we’ve been waiting on it just didn’t satisfy like I know the console version will. There isn’t a co-op mode on the Switch so that was a negative right out the gate and then there was some performance issues. It would appear co-op will be available on release day so here’s to hoping it’s way better than the Switch version.

Let us know if you plan on picking up the game in the comments and on which console.

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