The PlayStation Blog is at again today with George Rule, the Community Manager for Lucid Games, revealing a few details about Seasons being introduced to Destruction AllStars.

Introducing Seasons in Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars was built from the ground up to deliver content to the community at regular points throughout the year. We knew that we’d always want to be adding to the game and giving you more things to do whilst keeping old game modes fresh and interesting. To achieve this, we’ll be introducing Seasons into Destruction AllStars, starting with Season One: Hotshots.

Our first season is all about AllStars who want to be the best of the best, Hotshots who are always headline news or blowing up on social media. To give you an idea of what you can expect from this season, along with future seasons, we wanted to give you a quick rundown of what’s coming your way. We view seasons as a way to permanently enhance Destruction AllStars and leave long-lasting additions for everyone to enjoy, no matter when they choose to pick up the game. We can’t talk about everything just yet, but hopefully there’s enough in here to get you excited about our first season.

Competitive Mode

We’ll be taking the first steps towards introducing a competitive mode, often referred to as ranked by the community, in Season One! Competitive mode in Destruction AllStars is called Blitz and it’s a brand new game mode, built from the ground up for a competitive experience. It will feature a team-based structure of three players per team and four teams per match (or to simplify: 3v3v3v3). We want to take the time to properly introduce you to this brand new game mode so expect another update with a deeper dive into competitive mode in the future.

Battle Pass

We’ll be adding a Battle Pass to Destruction AllStars in Season One. As you rank up your Battle Pass, you’ll earn exclusive cosmetic content only available in the current season. With a free tier and a premium tier, you’ll be earning rewards no matter your preference.

Photo Mode

We’ve seen some fantastic stuff being shared on social media from all the Mayhem that’s been unfolding in the arena. It’s been a great example of the screenshot and sharing tools on the PS5 and we want to give you even more tools to really capture the carnage. Photo Mode will be coming to Destruction AllStars. In single-player modes, you can pause the game at any time and enter a free camera around the arena. The Hotshots behind the camera know how to get a perfect angle on a crash or a vault off a wall and show some personality with a variety of stickers and filters.

New AllStar

Hotshots will be adding our first new AllStar to the roster since the game’s launch. We want to wait just a little bit longer to give them a proper introduction and give you a full preview of their Hero Vehicle and abilities whilst answering the questions of who they are and what they’re hoping to achieve this season.

Challenge Series

They are also introducing a new feature known as the Challenge Series.

These include our Challenge Series which are single player experiences based around an AllStar and their Rival. They offer a small cinematic experience along with some gameplay challenges to earn some awesome cosmetics! Bluefang’s Challenge Series has just gone live. It’s time to explore more about his backstory and motivations for competing in Destruction AllStars whilst demolishing your way through the arena in his Hero Vehicle, Shredder. Face off against Bluefang’s Rival, Angelo Avello, in seven gameplay challenges and earn exclusive cosmetics including an epic skin and emote.

George Rule

Also announced is the new Digital Deluxe Edition of Destruction AllStars!

Digital Deluxe Edition

Along with the previous announcement of our Standard Edition, we’re thrilled to announce a Digital Deluxe Edition. This will include:

  • 1100 Destruction Points 
  • Lupita Character and Vehicle Skin 
  • Lupita Emote 
  • Profile banner set 
  • In game Avatars set 
  • Digital Artbook 
  • 8x Challenge Series

Both the Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition will be available for purchase from April 6.

That’s cool. I guess. Look, I haven’t played the game. Truth be told, I have no desire to play this game. It’s just not a game geared toward me and that’s fine. Maybe it’s your type of game and you like it. More power to you. But it is cool to see that they do have plans to continue with updates to this game so it doesn’t just fade away into nothing. I mean, I guess people are playing this game. I still can’t believe they thought people would pay $70 for it…