Are you looking for new Square Enix news and announcements? If so, then allow myself to present… er, Square Enix Presents, a new digital event debuting March 18 at 10AM PDT. This 40 minute first edition features new trailers and announcements.

Their website has even more details!

Life is Strange – Be there for the World Premiere of the next game in the critically acclaimed series, where you’ll meet a new protagonist with a fascinating new power.

Outriders – get a new look at the upcoming RPG-shooter ahead of its release on April 1. If you can pull yourself away from the awesome demo long enough to watch, of course.

BALAN WONDERWORLD – find out even more about the weird and wonderful platformer, which launches 26 March. Why, that’s this very month!

Tomb Raider – the series’ 25th Anniversary celebrations continue at SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS!

Marvel’s Avengers – join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for a special look at the latest additions to the time and space-spanning adventure.

Just Cause Mobile – the most incendiary series in gaming is coming to mobile and you’ll see it in action. Expect explosions, explosions and probably some more explosions.

New mobile game announcements – More mobile mayhem awaits from the award-winning Square Enix Montreal.

TAITO showcase – take a look at some delightful tiles from Square Enix sister company TAITO.

SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS is a new digital series where we’ll make game announcements, share news, updates and previews of our upcoming games throughout the year!

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Hmm… some interesting tidbits. A new Life is Strange game! A look into Outriders (but what’s the point, just play the demo). Balan Wonderworld (zzzZZZzzz). Tomb Raider 25th Anniversary? That could be big! Maybe some remakes or repacked collections? Marvel’s Avengers. Are they gonna give it more content? I’ll be nice and just leave it at that. Just Cause Mobile (zzzZZZzzz). First off, mobile games suck. Second, I don’t know how that will work as a mobile game. More mobile game news (whopptiy do!) And a showcase for TAITO (yeah, I had a to google what that even is).

Doesn’t sound like there will be anything Earth shattering but there could be some nice little surprises. As always, we’ll keep you covered on March 18th!

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