Apparently people sure do like their soccer (or football or whatever you want to freaking call it) according to the PlayStation Store’s February 2021 downloads.

FIFA 21 topped both sides of the Atlantic on the PlayStation 5. Call of Duty is in there (ofcourse it is) and Americans also love other sports besides soccer.

FIFA 21 dominated the European market on PlayStation 4 but American’s are STILL in love with Grand Theft Auto 5 making it their top PS4 download. GTA 5 will NEVER die! And the Next Gen version hasn’t even hit yet!

In the virtual word, Beat Saber reigns supreme. Call of Duty tops the Free to Play downloads.

All in all, there’s nothing really surprising or new here. FIFA 21, Call of Duty, and GTA 5 rule all!

What say you? Are you surprised by these charts? Feel free to comment and let us know.