While all the news might be about the PS5 as of late, there is still over 115 million PS4/PS4 Pro consoles out in the wild, hungry for support and some love.

So while money can still be made with Sony’s last-gen console, firmware updates will continue to release because if the Wii U can get a random update of nowhere, so can the mighty successful PS4!

Select users are currently beta testing PS4 firmware update 8.50!

Here are the current details of what it’ll do. I’m sure there will be some small changes peeps will come across once it exits the beta:

Main Features in This System Software Beta

  • In messages, you can now turn notifications on/off for each of the groups you’re in. On the group screen, open then options menu and select “Turn Notifications Off”.

Other Updates Features

  • On the game session screen, you can now use the “Request to Join” button to ask the session leader to join their game. The session leader can then send you an invite to join the game session.
  • When playing a game you’ve hidden, other players will no longer see you play it.
  • Communities are no longer available.