One of the biggest selling points of the next-gen consoles was the power of the SSD. The Solid State Drive is all Cerny wanted to talk about during the PS5 deep dive. The benefits of it will impact gaming greatly going forward this gen.

Only one problem. Games are still YUGE in size. While the PS5’s SSD is 825GB, available space to use is 667GB to install games/apps on your system. Games such as Control: Ultimate Edition might be considerably smaller thanks to compression on the PS5, other titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War only continue to grow in size. So unlike the Xbox Series X, you currently can’t save PS5 games to an external HDD. Many PS5 owners are already filing up the available space with PS5 games.

Now, according to a report by Bloomberg, relief will arrive..this summer. Sony warned us from the beginning that the list of compatible SSDs that’ll work with the expansion slot would come after the PS5’s launch, yet I didn’t expect it to take this long. Bloomberg reports Sony’s team is doing their best to test the process to prevent any overheating of their mighty console.

If you remember before the PS5 launched Sony explained that they’ll be able to adjust the speeds of the fans via firmware updates and it seems this will be the case when the SSD storage expansion solution arrives this summer. Hope and pray this doesn’t present the fan noise that plagued the early PS4 Pro consoles.

I currently have 16 games, two apps, and about 81G of space available on my PS5’s SSD. While I wouldn’t mind additional space, know that it won’t come cheap, as the current expandable SSD cards for the XSX are $219.99 new. Expanding our storage space isn’t going to be affordable unless Sony allows for us to install PS5 games on external HDDs, so we shall see.

Until then, it looks like we will all continue to manage our SSD space as closely as we can despite the fact that Sony keeps dropping all these sweet ‘free’ PS+ titles on a month basis.