One of the most mesmerizing PS5 games of the PS5 reveal from last year was Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Now after a delay from 2020 to 2021, we have a release date, price point, AND a new trailer!

Thanks to the most recent State of Play presentation, we know that K:BoS will hit the PS4 and PS5 on August 24th. A bit further out than I expected? Sure. But that’s alright. If Cyberpunk 2077 taught us anything, give these teams all the time they need!

Next, in a world ruled by games hitting $69.99 in NA and much higher in Canada/Europe, Kena will be $39.99! Granted, Ember Labs has said before that you can finish the game in one weekend, so this looks to be a great price.

Here’s the latest trailer full of gameplay and storyline beats. Does it look magical or what?!

You can pre-order it off the PlayStation Store now!