This is a perfect release date for most of us as we try to escape the clutches of winter. Summer Catchers by Noodlecake Studios is about Chu, a young girl who wants to leave the snow forest and find summer. We’re all with you Chu.

In order to do so though Chu must travel the land on her wooden car and overcome obstacles in her way. The game is said to be a mix between a narrative adventure and an endless runner. The game will feature various missions, car repairs and car add-ons that can be used only once. This pixel art beauty looks fun, charming and is out now on the Nintendo Switch.


• Traverse the terrain using various tools for your car, like battering rams, speed boosters, and more 

• A unique arcade game that mixes racing, story, rhythm, and puzzle elements all into one

• Uncover all the mysteries and events of this beautiful pixel art world

• Unlock unique abilities and upgrade your car to ride in style

• Replay the game to discover all hidden corners secrets the fast traveler might have missed 

Let us know what you think about Summer Catchers and as always…Indie on Brah!