After being pushed to 2021, the next-gen upgrade for Marvel’s Avengers assembles March 18th on the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

For those who already the last-gen version of the game you’ll receive a FREE PS5 upgrade to take advantage of the power PS5.

PS5 features:

– DualSense compatibility: unique haptic feedback features for each Hero.

– improved load times: the last-gen version had some extraneous load times, now thanks to the power of the SSD they’ll be much improved.

– updates visuals and framerate to help the game be that much buttery uh, smoother.

– improved destruction, ‘heroic detail’, and particle effects. Experience the A-team like never before.

Hawkeye’s Operation: Future Imperfect also lands on March 18th, as Clint Barton warns of a dark future where the world is in ruins thanks to the Kree, Nuclear bombs, and the evil ruler know as the Maestro. The newest biome, the wastelands, will also be introduced.

Both of these new additions to the game will be available on March 18th. Let us know if you’ll be answering the call of justice or ignoring the game all together.