Bohemia Interactive announced its update 1.11 for the multiplayer player game DayZ. With the update brings stability to important features and improvement to the entire game. Also, comes a complete character and server wipe to help insure a fresh start to the update. You can see the official announcement on server wipes here @DayZ.

Players will also get a new weapon, the “badass” rifle along with new 20 round mags for the 9×39 ammo, which can be used in the SVAL and VSS.

You can purchase DayZ on the PS4, Xbox and PC.

Here are some more of the improvements and don’t forget to check out the 1.11 update trailer below.

• Fixed various zombie behaviors such as the infected colliding and going through the player’s character. 

• Interaction with cars is more realistic, fixing random character bugs when entering and leaving cars.

• No more strange interruptions when sea fishing

• Huge improvements to horticulture

• Polished damage dealing and triggers

• Massive improvement on the engine script, allowing servers to load more mods than ever before.