Popular YouTube AngryJoeShow released a video titled What is BioMutant in which he interviews Stefan Ljungqvist, Biomutant’s Creative Director, and talks all things BioMutant.

Now, I’m not going to go into all the complete details of what the interview covers as I’m sure AngryJoeShow wants you to watch the video and we don’t want to deprive him of views.

But I will say that this interview covered ALOT and revealed ALOT. The team was very small and very surprised at how much feedback this game got which is totally surprising. The game looks and sounds amazing! And it’s clear that the makers are not only passionate about the game but are passionate about making it a great game.

There are lots of game information involving the open world, the RPG systems, character customization, and even LOOT! I swear this game has it all! It looks like the perfect combination of so many great games!

I’ve been super excited about this game since the get go and this video pumped me up BIG TIME! Give the video a watch and be sure to like the video so AngryJoeShow knows how much we appreciated it!

BioMutant hits the PS4 on May 25th, 2021! We can’t wait!