PlayStation fans, are you wanting to get a taste of this year’s MLB the Show? Xbox gamers who have never had a sample of the series might be able to get a tease of the game before it releases this April if you sign up for the Techincal test right now.

If you’re interested in helping San Diego Studio ‘stress test: the servers, online match-making, cross-platform play, as well as gather feedback on gameplay’, then Click here to sign up for a chance to participate in the tech test. Xbox gamers go ahead and get registered because the cap is at the first 50,000 Xbox users.

You’ll be able to download the tech test before it goes live on February 23rd, 10AM (PT). The test will end on March 1st, 10AM (PT). None of your content accumulated in the test will transfer to the full game.

The following modes will be available to play during the tech test:

– Diamond Dynasty) vs CPU

– (Diamond Dynasty) Events

– (Diamond Dynasty) Casual

– (Diamond Dynasty) Play with Friends; Battle Royale

MLB the Show 21 releases on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X on April 20th.