After the massive snow storms, Wreckfest is now being hit by a WRECKNADO!

Move over Sharknado, the Wrecknado is here! This FREE update includes the new Wrecknado Tournament Season, a new racing and derby layout Wrecknado track, new rewards and challenges.

Also, if you own the Season 2 DLC Pass, you get the Reckless Car Pack!

This pack expands your garage with three new unique rides, and like always, we got something for everyone here: Gorbie is the offbeat community favorite that’s pure fun to drive (check out the epic engine sound!) and even more fun to demolish, Blade is an 80s styled American racing car that looks way too fast even when standing still, and Stepvan is a pop culture classic with which you’re going to be not only serving maximum damage but ice cream! And if you’re not into ice cream, fret not, because sure enough we’ve got bonus paint jobs for all your utilitarian needs.

Also, the there are a few bug and game fixes in the included patch notes as seen below. 1.92 will be the newest PS4 version of Wreckfest.


  • Added support for the new DLC pack “Reckless Car Pack” containing three new cars: Blade, Gorbie and Stepvan.
  • Added two new tracks: Wrecknado Racing Track and Wrecknado Demolition Arena.


  • New tournament season: Wrecknado.
  • New taxi cab themed reward bundle “Taxi Wrecker” for Rammer RS.
  • New drag racing themed reward bundle “Drag 55” for Bulldog.


  • (XB1) Leaderboard updates are now more reliable.
  • (XB1) [ROLLING OUT SOON] Leaderboards are displayed for all tracks.


  • [XB1/PS4]Added a Team Racing & Derby Mixed server. Be sure to let us know if you like it!
  • Player no longer gets kicked mid-event when they start holding down throttle before the event starts.
  • (Dedicated Server) Increased admin_steam_ids and op_steam_ids maximum parameter size to 1024 characters.


  • Improved Rocket RX handling.
  • Improved Sofa Car handling.
  • Added the Rocket stock exhaust as an option for Rocket RX.
  • A number of small special vehicles no longer receive unexpected amounts of damage.
  • Improved Bumper Car performance to make it a Class C vehicle like its peers.
  • Upgrade parts now correctly follow the deformed shape of the vehicle.
  • Fixed Starbeast SS reversing light glitch.
  • Raven steel mesh is now correcly visible in all LOD levels.
  • Fixed inconsistent Hornet bumper weights.
  • Fixed inconsistent Killerbee S bumper weights.


  • Boomer/Boomer RS: Increased RPM safety limit to prevent sounds from cutting of at engine redline in some cases.
  • Razor: Adjusted camera-view based audio filtering settings of turbocharger whine to include less high frequency content over mid-to-high engine rpm range.

It’s good to see this great and amazing game continue to get updates! I enjoyed the last season, Winter Fest Tournament, where heavy snow made the racing even more difficult and dangerous!

So let’s get ready to buckle up and ride the Wrecknado!

“Goin green!” (a great quote from Dusty in the movie Twister).