Pets can be fun, they can be playful, and sometimes they can even learn some tricks. But with all things that we care for, pets will need to interacted with, be taken care of, and even buy accessories for. Yes, caring for pets can be hard work, but it can be very rewarding if you have the right tools for the job. Get ready to become the caretaker you never knew you wanted to be.

Features include:

Taking good care of our animal friends – With the animals’ health and happiness in mind, the caretaker has to do many things for them, such as feeding, washing, brushing, and playing. Ready for a challenge? Time for some training! Learn special gestures and instruct your pet to perform different tricks. As you practice, it gets easier in time but remember, that the pet can forget some lessons if you don’t train it often enough!

With lots of love – Every interaction influences the mood of your pets, so do your best to remember their various needs. Our four-legged friends are not as different from us as they may seem – the affection you show them is bound to make them full of life! It’s not all in vain – apart from observing the pet’s reactions, you’ll receive points for being a responsible pet parent.

Create an amazing collection – Reward yourself and your pupil – make it fancy! Exchange points to create your own collection of fun accessories for you and your pet to enjoy. Discover everything Pets VR can offer and most importantly, have fun!

How will you care for the pets? What tricks will they learn? Will will be in your collection? Find out when Pets VR comes soon to PlayStation VR in 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…