Guilty Gear fans! Are you ready for the next round of beautifully animated 3D characters combined with Arc System Works trademark gameplay when Guilty Gear Strive arrives on the PS4 and PS5 this April 6th?

Guess what, Brah!? You ain’t gotta wait until then. IF you pre-order (any version of) the game through the PlayStation Store, you’ll gain access to download the beta when it drops on February 17th (10:00PT). It’ll go live on Feb. 17th (19:00PT).

If you want a taste of the action before you pre-order, the open beta opens on February 18th (19:00PT).

The beta contains:

– Access to 13 characters.

– Four different modes: Versus, tutorial, training, and network (online).

The beta comes to an end on Feb. 21st (6:59PT). You can read more details about the beta here.

Enjoy the latest Guilty Gear Strive trailer!