Sony has acquired a 1.9 percent ownership of Kadokawa, one of Japan’s largest publishers of manga and anime. Some of the publishers most notable anime include, Kill la Kill and Samurai Champloo and they’re also the parent company of FromSoftware. The industry veterans responsible for developing the, no longer niche, Dark Souls and Bloodborne games.

In a recent financial earnings, Sony talked about the investment and explained their reasoning. Sony says they invested in the company for:

global expansion power of animation and consumer games

They continued, by adding the deal will help in the “creation, development and acquisition” of new ip’s while allowing them to “maximize the value of the abundant IP that we already own”

Sony Acquires Stake from Kadokawa

“We believe that it is necessary to procure such funds in order not to miss potential investment opportunities and to solidify our ability to create IP based on our track record of creating rich and unique IP consisting of a diverse portfolio of books, movies, animations, games, and UGC platforms, both financially and financially,”

Sony’s Push into Anime

All in all this may lead to more partnerships between FromSoftware and Sony in the future? But, who can really say. I think what we can mainly gleam from this, is Sony’s strong push into the anime market. Evident, from their purchases of both Funimation and Crunchyroll, as well as owning Aniplex. The latter, has dominated the Japanese box office and mobile market with Demon Slayer. So much so, Sony’s looking more into the mobile market. Thanks to the sheer amount of revenue generated from Fate Grand Order.

Sony Acquires Stake in Kadokawa

Not only that, but this also opens the door for a potential buyout. Which, Kadokawa seems like a perfect fit for Sony since they’re in the business of both games and anime. I think this only solidifies, Sony’s stance and belief in anime being a core pillar for their business going forward.

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