Another day, another Silent Hill rumor to add to the fire. This time, it’s not from the dozens of claimed leaks found on message boards and forums. But, instead, coming by way of legendary composer, Akira Yamaoka.

In an interview with ALHub’s BoJrayed, Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka has teased that there’s a big announcement on the horizon. Naturally, he can’t reveal it just yet.

When asked about future projects, Yamaoka had this to say,

Keeping it in general terms, I think you’ll probably hear something this summer, to be announced. I think its the one that you’re kind of hoping to hear about.

But, we’re keeping it very general.

Silent Hill’s Possible Return

Obviously this isn’t, in no form or fashion a confirmation of the return of Silent Hill. But, with him specifically mention, “it’s the one that you’re kind of hoping to hear about,” I can’t imagine what else he could possibly mean.

Silent Hill Composer Teases New Project

Yamaoka’s involvement with Bloober Team’s, The Medium, just recently wrapped. The game released in late January and the team has already begun hiring for their next project. Theoretically, meaning, it’s far too early for Bloober to announce a new project in such a quick turn around of a few months removed from their last.

In turn, I think it’s safe to assume Yamaoka isn’t referring to Bloober’s next game.

Silent Hill, without question, is one of gamings most revered series. Dormant for far too long, fans have been hungry for any kind of revival. Disappointment mounted when Konami canceled Hiedo Kojima’s Silent Hill game and its been silent ever since. Rumors began to brew as early as last year, pointing to a series revival through Sony’s Japan Studio. In actuality, it feels like some, new rumor tied to this revival springs up every few months, but there’s been no confirmation towards these rumors being true.

Honestly, this feels like the most tangible evidence of something Silent Hill related happening. But, we’ll have to wait and see until the summer,(fingers crossed), to find out if there’s any merit behind these rumors.

[Source ALHub]