Thanks to ANerdyDad on Instagram, we might have ourselves an early look into the box art for MLB The Show 21. And boy, is it interesting.

First and foremost, the box art stars the San Diego Padres very own, Fernando Tatis Jr, coupled with one of the series most visually appealing covers yet. Alongside the PS5 box art, we also have a look at the Xbox version and, of course, at first glance there’s no difference to really take note of.

MLB the show 21
MLB The Show 21

Aside from one, glaring and albeit small difference, on the bottom right corner. Both the PlayStation Studios and San Diego Studio logo’s appear on the bottom right corner of both versions. Which, is no surprise as PlayStation has moved away from their classic ‘Only on PlayStation’ moniker that accompanied every exclusive title. Instead, they’ve opted for their PlayStation Studios logo, sitting beside the actual development team’s logo as well.

We knew this was coming for some time now, as back in 2019, the game was announced to go Multiplatform. But, this is significant for a number of reasons. One of which, being, that this marks the first time a internally made Sony title, has appeared on Xbox. Although, MLB The Show has always been successful for Sony, it was even the 18th best selling game in the U.S last year, appearing on more platforms will surely make Sony a pretty penny.

MLB The Show is set to release later this year on PS5 and PS4, with more information coming in February.

[Source- ANerdyDad on Instagram, PSU]