One, poor retailer in Akihabara overnight, was the point of absolute madness due to a fresh stock of PS5’s arriving in store.

It’s no small secret that the PlayStation 5 has been a hot commodity and as such, has made them, incredibly difficult to come by. While, this has been the case worldwide, the shortage is no more apparent than Sony’s home turf, Japan. So much so, the launch sales of the PS5 in Japan, are the lowest the company has seen yet.

According to PlayStation Universe, absolute pandemonium took place in a Yodobashi Camera electronics megastore in Akihabara, once they received new stock of the console. Which, almost seems like a by product of a few things.

Yes, the low stock in Japan plays a major role in this frenzy, but the article also makes mention of a raffle lottery system. These are typically used to keep some semblance of order in these situations of rare electronics being in demand. Most importantly, it’s a system that helps stave off scalpers.

However, there’s a few places in Japan that operate in a, first come, first-serve online basis. Yodobashi, naturally, being one of them. Couple this with the fact of recently allowing a in store, first come, first-serve for shoppers, as well as the store being one of the few where you don’t need the stores credit card, you then, essentially, open the flood gates.

All of this coalesced into the scene that ultimately, took place in the megastore.

Naturally, people packed closely together like sardines, pushing and shoving in hopes to get their console first. Ultimately, the chaos got so out of hand for employees, the police were called and the sale of PS5 was cancelled for the day.

It’s a sad situation no matter how you view it. Even with tickets, people didn’t receive their next-gen console, since the sale was cancelled. The scarcity of the PS5, especially in Japan, is unfortunate and it doesn’t seem like there’s any major relief coming in the near future.

[Source- PSU, Twitter]