The Day Before acts and looks like a game we all wanted when The Division first released. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed The Division and spent plenty of time in the dark zone getting murdered by NPCs and other players. This title however appears to offer that big city along with the multiplayer experience.

The Day Before is an open-world MMO survival game that of course is set in a post pandemic America, joy. Here it’s kill or be killed. Survive the harsh conditions as you scavenge for loot in pretty much everything. Seeing the character actually open car doors and search through them is great. More chances to find loot!

Of course this isn’t just loot, fight other players and then be done. No, check out the horde of “infected” and then realize this looks so much better than the zombie survival titles out there now. Sweet looking combat isn’t all the game provides as you will be able to help rebuild in the “survivor colony” where you can sell loot and probably hang out with other players safely. So basically a safe zone. Honestly if The Division had been just one big dark zone like what we’re seeing with this title then it probably would’ve been epic. The idea is great but will it work? Only time will tell.

This game was just announced but it appears that developer Fntastic has been hard at work before releasing footage of the game. Release is set for Q2 2021 on Steam with no plans on console, yet. Something this good looking shouldn’t go unnoticed however.

What do you think about the game? Is this the type of gameplay you wanted with The Division? Let us know in the comments.