It’s been hard trying to keep my secret going. The one where Zoraxis thought they did me in for good. But sometimes keeping the suspense is exactly where you want them. But Agency knows how to keep a secret and this is the time to strike. My mission is to try and find out what Zoriaxis is up to.

But it won’t be easy and I will going to need to go really deep undercover for this one. I have to make sure that our mission is a complete success at whatever the cost and just hope that they do not expect me to die…again.

Features include:

  • New Puzzles – Test your skill and cunning with new missions and complex puzzles that will confound you. Still the elite super-spy, you have the power to manipulate objects around you. But be careful! Just because Zoraxis thinks you’re dead doesn’t mean you’re safe.
  • In-depth story – Learn more about Zoraxis and interact with more villains who’ve pledged their allegiance to Dr. Zor. Of course, the Agency still believes that Dr. Zor is our top priority, but recent intelligence suggests there are others we need to investigate.
  • Immersive Environment – Explore new locations and environments that will make your elite spy shoes feel like you’re undercover. Yes, the Agency is aware that you became quite comfortable with your swanky office, but we assure you that your new accommodations are just as…welcoming.
  • Try not to die.

Will you find out what Zoraxis is up to before world domination? Who is the spy and who is the liar? Will you be able to escape the situation or are you expected to die, again? Find out when I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar comes to PlayStation VR in 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…