Have you ever truly wanted to show your friends and family (maybe even your online fans?!) just how much you adore the Resident Evil series??

Then this $1,800 Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition is the answer! How so? Because this package of goodies will let you become Chris Redfield! Have you ever wanted to go from being an athletic white guy (RE1 & Code Veronica) to extremely swollen with the ability to smash builders with your first (RE5, RE6) then back to athletic WG (RE7) to now looking like a double-o agent in Resident Evil Village?

Then Brah, this japanese-only Collector’s Edition is your answer as it comes with everything that the other editions come with PLUS Mr. Redfield’s JACKET!! So yeah, you’ll have to import this baby but it’ll totally be worth it when all you friends realize you’re now Chris Redfield!

Resident Evil Village releases on May 7th on the PS4 & PS5. Rumor has it that we could still get a PSVR mode announcement, but don’t hold your breath.