With Capcom’s Resident Evil showcase having just concluded, we have a slew of information to go through after an evening of updates and reveals. We’ve learned a ton, ranging from the new shopkeeper, to new gameplay mechanics and story details but perhaps, most important of all, is the identity of one character.

This particular character has drawn let’s say, attention, from the gaming community and I’d even venture to guess that the more footage shown of her today, only helped to cement her popularity amidst gamers.

But, there may be more than meets the eye with her, so without further ado, let’s scrub through some of the information revealed.

There’s A Bigger Threat Looming

The Witch, who so clearly has a height advantage amongst her peers, so much so, she has to duck in order to pass through doors, finally has been given a name. We now know that this infamous witch’s name is, Lady Dimitrescu, and she isn’t alone.

“Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg. …because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle. When I find him… No… Yes, of course. I understand the importance of the ceremony.”

This conversation would seem to suggest, that the Lady herself, isn’t necessarily the end all, be all. She’s clearly reporting to someone and apologizing which is an indication of her possibly being a subordinate to a much bigger threat we’ve yet to see.

Resident Evil VIII Village

She’s A Mother of 3 Daughter’s

First and foremost, we know Lady Dimitrescu is a mother with 3 daughters. The four of them together have been featured together, pretty heavily, since the games reveal in June. During her conversation, she reveals this detail, saying that Ethan Winters has “already proven too much for my daughters,” The only logical conclusion as to the identity of these daughters, are the hooded vampires we usually see alongside Lady Dimitrescu with the ability to turn into swarms of insects.

Speculation had originally pegged them all as, possibly, sisters, so it’s nice to get that clarification.

Vampire Lady

The Brother Heisenberg

Lady Dimitrescu also has a brother and it’s more than likely, the long haired, shades wearing guy we saw all the way back in the PS5 June reveal. His devious little smile was always a cause for concern!

Only then, we had no idea what role he would play, but now we might have what we’re looking for. There’s not much to this brother figure that we know about for now, except for Lady Dimitrescu making mention during the reveal “you escaped my little brother’s idiot games did you?” Pointing to the possibility of Ethan getting captured by the brother at some point.

The fact that she refers to her brother as an idiot in the phone conversation and then, in another, refers to someone named Heisenberg, as a fool, may tell us that the two are, indeed related. And that, whoever this Heisenberg is, he may end up being the brother she mentioned.

There’s still tons of details yet to be revealed but personally, I find it really interesting how RE8 has seemingly continued the family dynamic so present in RE7. Only in Village, it’s got its own unique spin.

Did you enjoy all the bombshells of information we got during the show? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Capcom]