Good day fellow Vault Hunters! It’s Thursday and usually every Thursday, Gearbox announces new Hot Fixes for Borderlands 3. Well, today they surprised us with not only new Hot Fixes but also a new Patch update and announced new in game events!

I’m not going to go over all the Patch and Hot Fix notes but you can find the complete list here. The Hot Fixes are just buffs to four Legendary guns and applies the new Arms Race event and the Patch basically fixes various bugs and other issues.

But the big news is the new Arms Race Events spanning over the next three weeks!


Event duration: 9 AM PT January 21 to 8:59 AM PT January 28

During the Clear Skies mini-event, all enemies will have a chance to drop better loot and the Murdercane’s circle will take longer to close in so you have precious extra time to scavenge and explore.


Event duration: 9 AM PT January 28 to 8:59 AM PT February 4

During the Extra Extra Extraction mini-event, all extraction stations will have additional slots so you can extract more gear! In addition, Air Drops will have a greatly increased chance to drop DAHL chests, which are more likely to contain Arms Race-exclusive gear.


Event duration: 9 AM PT February 4 to 8:59 AM PT February 11

During the Gear Rush mini-event, Rare Chests are more likely to appear in Arms Race, and the green DAHL chests located at major points of interest in the Stormblind Complex have an increased chance to contain Arms Race exclusive gear. But make sure you don’t spend too long admiring the gear you find, because the Murdercane will be closing in at a quicker pace.

Now in order to enjoy these Arms Race events you must have the Designers Cut DLC.

I’m a big fan of the Arms Race mode. It’s added a lot of replayability for me. I’m really looking forward to the Week 1 event as I think the Murdercane moves too quickly. Slowing it down should be a permanent thing in this Vault Hunter’s eyes.

I could really care less about the Week 2 event as sometimes I don’t even extract any gear. But if you horde everything then I guess this is a good event for you.

Then there’s Week 3 which adds more DAHL chests which is good but also makes the Murdercane close in quicker. Yeah, I’m not even going to try Arms Race during this week as I said earlier in think that it already moves too fast!

But in the end, it’s still great to see Gearbox continuing to not only improve the game but create new events to encourage participation!