Hey now, you’re an All Star, get your game on, go play (Destruction AllStars)” is heard in the chorus of huge mega band Smash Mouth’s song ‘All Star’.

Okay, so maybe everything I said in the opening sentence is a lie (it is). However, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lucid Games unveiled a new trailer today for their vehicular combat game Destruction AllStars which introduces us to the AllStars apparently named in the title.

Alrighty then! I’m sold (no, I’m not).

The main character appears to be Ultimo Barricodo who looks like a Fortnite version of The Great Thomasio (if you don’t know who that is, then you just don’t know). Other interesting characters are Boxtop (who apparently wears a box over his head, hence the name, DUH!) Harmony (Queen Latifah meets Beyonce), and Twinkle Riot (yeah, I have no words). There are 16 playable total characters to choose from at the start.

Lucid Games describes the game as “global sports entertainment event where stars & cars collide“.

Sports entertainment? What is this, the WWE? Actually, it kind of looks like it. This games appears to be a mashup of Twisted Metal, Rocket League, WWE, and Fortnite. Look, it’s a good thing this game is for free for two months for Playstation Plus subscribers when it releases next month in February because I sure wouldn’t pay for it. But that’s just this haters opinion.

Which character impresses you so much that you are gonna choose them when the game finally hits? Let us know!