No Mans Sky really is the game that keeps on giving, am I right or AM I RIGHT?! We all know of the redemption story the game has achieved since it launched in 2016 and is most definitely worthy of being a part of your gaming collection.

Today we have learned of upcoming upgrades to the PS5 version of the game PLUS upgrades to the PSVR version of the game if being played on the PS5 through PS4 BC.

The latest ‘experimental branch’ update is for Steam users to help find and report any issues for the next upcoming update but this time it has given us information as to what’s coming next for us console gamers!

Stability improvements on PC.

Resolution and performance for PSVR have been significantly improved when running on a PS5.

Fixed a rendering-related crash on PS5.

Xbox Series S in high quality mode now has the improved Ultra settings introduced in the Next Generation Update.

Loading times on PS5 have been improved.

PS5 install size has been optimised.

No ETA was given for when this update will be finalized but it’s still good to know that major improvements are coming soon for console gamers.