Uhhh, did the developers over at Sony Santa Monica just reveal that the studio is working on a new, unannounced title? Well, thanks to a recent job posting, it certainty seems like that’s the case for the long-time God of War developer.

Here’s what Sony Santa Monica tweeted:

As of late, Sony Santa Monica has been on a hiring spree but, you’d assume these were done in order to help bring the development of the next God of War title to the finish line. It’s also entirely possible, that development on the God of War sequel has reached such a point, where a small portion of the team can branch off and begin the conceptual phase of whatever their next project is.

Sony Santa Monica Hiring for New Title

Based off of this job posting, the latter seems entirely more likely. Allow me to put my conspiracy theory hat on for a moment and bring attention to how cryptic Cory Barlog has been on twitter for, what has seemed like the better part of a year.

From, a completely black profile picture, to one picture being that of the Voyager 2 space probe. At one point, his twitter location was changed to “deep space,” which would help support this notion, of Cory leading a team to make a new sci-fi project. Or, he just really likes outer space…

A part of me recognizes how strange it must be to have every single one of your movements on twitter, picked apart and analyzed. These changes, don’t always have to mean something. Again, this could be Cory having a bit of fun at our expense. Which, is probably the more likely outcome, but hey, a boy can certainly dream! And with Sony Santa Monica having a new project in the works, this certainly helps my dream become more likely!