Before Persona 5 hit Western shores back in 2017, many people who had played the game claimed it was one of the best JRPGs to hit in the past ten years. In my opinion, it absolutely lived up to the hype! If you haven’t played it or Persona 5 Royal, I must ask you to stop reading this article and do so, Brah!

If you’ve already played it (or both!!) then you probably already know what Persona 5 Strikers is all about. Atlus and Koei Tecmo’s Omega Force have JOINED FORCES to bring us the first-ever Persona Musou game!! If you’ve never played a Musou game such as Dynasty Warriors, then you know the games are all about the action with hundreds of enemies coming at you from all directions.

So when they combined an all-new story that continues from Persona 5, plus new characters, new animation, and much more, you know this has the chance to be something special. The best part? It releases on February 23rd, which isn’t too far away. Considering how 2021 might be hit with numerous delays, Persona 5 Strikers could keep all of us busy for awhile!