As he’s made a habit of lately, Naughty Dog’s Co-President Neil Druckmann has teased fans on twitter with a hint of what’s maybe in store for the Sony owned studio.

Recently, Naughty Dog has been running rampant with advertising new job openings and, for the first time, Neil commented on one such tweet. Saying, the developer is ‘making something very cool.’

The Last of Us Part II, has long since wrapped and we’d have to assume that Faction’s II is nearing completion itself. The sheer number of positions being offered would point to the team gearing up for their next big project and their debut on PS5.

Although we don’t know what Naughty Dog is working on next, we can almost certainly rule out a new Uncharted game. Simply based on its pretty definitive conclusion and the studios desire to spread its wings and move on to new projects. Finger’s crossed for a new IP all together.