Seemingly out of nowhere, Capcom surprised fans with the announcement of a Resident Evil showcase, set to debut on January 21st. Within the showcase hosted by, What’s Good Games very own, Brittney Brombacher, fans can expect a bevy of new information, as well as new gameplay.

Funnily enough, eagle eyed fans have picked out one detail, that the casual Resident Evil fan, might not have spotted right away. And, it’s this detail, that has sparked tons of conversation and discussion.

One of the witches, the same group seen all the way back to the games reveal last June, is noticeably larger than her counterparts. Now, this height wouldn’t be too much of a point of contention if she was, perhaps, a few feet taller. But, if you really pause the frame and look closely, the witch is nearly twice the size of her sister witches and easily dwarfs their stature by comparison.

Taking a look at the second image above, the witch is also seen, having to bend down in order to pass through a doorframe. Those are not the actions of a scary witch lady who’s under 6 feet. Something’s definitely up here!

This has obviously sparked debate as to what role she may play in the game. Thanks to her overwhelming stature, this has led many to believe that she will be the next stalker in the series, ala, Mr. X, Nemesis or even the Baker Family from VII.

Hopefully, all will be revealed to us on Thursday, in terms of how she will work to impede our progress in the game.