Little Nightmares II released a demo and boy did they bring the gruesome. I’m a big fan of the first game and loved playing as Six. This time around the setting is different but familiar as well. It’s dark, ominous and filled with disgusting things. The demo plays so smooth just like the first one but you can tell this is already more polished than than its predecessor.

By the time I discovered the “companion” character in the game (which I’m assuming was Six) I already had the chills. The creepy music and backwoods setting give this a nice horror touch. There are only a few “eww what the hell?” moments in the demo but it definitely got me excited for the release of the game. It’s a pretty short demo so I recommend checking it out. Although if you’re a fan of the first one then it’s a no-brainer that Little Nightmares II is a must buy.

The game will release on February 11, 2021 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch PC and you can pre-order now for $29.99. Check out the new trailer below and get ready for some gruesome fun.