Competition can be full of fun. It can be full the need for speed. It can also be the downfall because your friend can’t build right causing you to not be able to drive. So you will need to have someone you can trust, someone who that you can stand, and someone who you can easily blame as you will need them to build as you are driving and hopefully not cause you to go too slow or fast to make sure you stay on the track and well, not explode. If you can’t take your friend’s building, put them in the driver’s seat and show them how it’s done or not done depending on how they were treating you.

Features include:

  • Racing Game (What the game is)
  • Level-Editor (The game is this, too!)
  • Customizable Vehicles
  • Customizable Race Tracks
  • Single-Player
  • 2-Player Online Multiplayer
  • Local Multiplayer (up to 4-Player Split-Screen)

So how will you customize things? How far can you drive without dying? Who will be to blame? Find out when Pixel Maniacs and Perp Games bring Can’t Drive This to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in both digital and physical formats on March 19, 2021.

Until then…please enjoy…