This morning, Harry Krueger, the Creative Director for Housemarque, posted on the Official Playstation Blog about new combat details for their upcoming game Returnal, being released on March 19.

The Rougelite action shooter promises to mix up game styles, combining bullet hell explosive arcade action all presented in a third person shooter. The game promises only 10 base weapons but they will have over 90 weapon traits (three levels of each) and 10 alt fires (using the Dual Sense Controller Adaptive Trigger). There is also a risk reward system with certain items known as Parasites which can have both positive and negative effects. Selene (the character you play as) is only allowed to carry one weapon at a time though requiring thought and strategy for each playthrough and the environments are all procedurally generated promising a new experience with each run.

This game wasn’t on my radar until recently but now I’m excited about it. It looks great and the combat seems intense. It’s currently listed at $69.99 on Amazon though which seems ridiculously high for a Rougelite game but maybe it’s more than that.

This March, you will either be returning to play this game over and over or returning it for your money back.

For more thorough details on the Combat Details, check out the Official Playstation Blog post.