Drive hard. Die Last. In the snow!

THQ Nordic has just tweeted out that Wreckfest is getting a new update for it’s new tournament season: Winterfest!

Just last week, I approached the Brah about writing an Editorial on Wreckfest. Why? Because I can honestly say it is probably the the most fun video game I have ever played (well, besides playing and watching Grand Theft Auto 3 with the Brah when we were younger). It’s significant for me to give that much accolades to a racing game because I hate the racing game genre. I just do.

But Wreckfest is a blast from start to finish. You may not finish first and you may even finish last but you will be laughing and enjoying yourself while you do.

THQ Nordic has done a great job keeping this game updated and playable. Some of these courses are already hard enough so adding snow to them could be interesting. The new update also includes more bugs and performance fixes.

If you haven’t tried this game yet, I (as a long time hater of all racing games and the racing genre) really recommend that you give this a try!

The official release notes are as follows.

Game version

PS4: 1.90


  • New tournament season: Winter Fest.
  • New free tournament reward car: Starbeast SS.
  • The DLC promotional screen is only shown once per session for each respective DLC.


  • (PC) Fixed an issue which caused DualShock and DualSense controllers to not function correctly.
  • (XB1) Online features now work correctly after disconnecting the controller before the initial interactive screen.
  • (PS4) Game no longer freezes after signing out of PlayStation™Network while in a multiplayer lobby.


  • Improved Speedie handling and engine to make it more competitive.
  • Small special vehicles no longer take excessive damage even from small shunts.
  • Rammer and Roadcutter AI Player setups are now more appropriate for their respective classes.
  • The rear spoiler of the Nexus RS “BB Racing” bundle is now parented correctly to the trunk lid.
  • Exhausts no longer get distorted after deforming.
  • Roof decorations no longer deform wildly.
  • Fixed Boomer RS taillight cover glitch.


  • Rebel Rat engine audio now plays correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with Stellar where clicks in sound would occur when idling in neutral gear.
  • Cockpit view audio now includes more low and mid range frequencies.
  • Audience sound effects are no longer played during loading screens.
  • In the settings, the “Interface Sound Effects” now changes volume of UI sounds independent from the “Effects” volume.
  • In the settings, the “Ambiance” volume control now affects all track-side sound sources.