If adventure has a name it must be Indiana Jones!

The greatest archeologist and adventurist Indiana Jones appears to finally be returning to the world of video games! Bethesda just tweeted out the following.

That hat, the whip, the hint of that iconic score by John Williams. I don’t know if there is any tweet that has ever been perfect but if there is, this is it!

It’s been quite a long time since Indiana Jones existed in the video game world (“It’s not the years honey. It’s the mileage”). But with the success of Lara Croft and Uncharted, there’s unlimited potential in Indiana Jones video games.

Bethesda and Machine Games in collaboration with LucasFilm Games and executive produced by Todd Howard (who has worked on several Elder Scrolls games and Fallout 4… and Fallout 76) are working together to bring us the future game. It sounds like it’s a good long ways off but they promise to announce more later.

Of course, Microsoft bought Bethesda so there’s a chance this may not even be released for the Playstation 5 (or maybe at least released later). Even if it’s not, I’ll buy another console to play an Indiana Jones game (I love you Playstation, but I was an Indiana Jones fan before I was a Playstation fan)!

This is so exciting for me personally. I’m one of the biggest Indiana Jones fans there is and have been wanting another game for a long time. Heck, I’m even the oddball who thinks Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is the best of all the Indy flicks. I think they could have a good long franchise if done right.

Are you excited or do you think that this should just stay buried in the ground to be found years later by future archeologists? Let us know in the comments!