Back in October of 2020, Sony broke the news that no one saw coming: Destruction AllStars by Lucid Games would miss the PS5’s launch, was being pushed to February 2021, then would launch as part of that month’s PS5 offering for PS+!

Like, damn! That’s quite the drastic change from the $70 online multiplayer model that many had doubts about. Sony promised more information regarding the game prior to launch, so here we are less than a month before it joins PS+ and we still don’t have that much information relating to the game.

But hey! Someone happened to realize that the Share Factory Studio app on the PS5 featured 24 seconds of gameplay footage on it!

If you missed the first two flashy trailers that released last year, we’ve embedded them below. To be honest, I’m excited to see what the game has to offer! What about you, Brah?!